April 2017

Creation of new website

Olive oil mill in Beja

Completion of supply and assembly of an olive oil mill with storage capacity of 1 000 000 l in Beja.

March 2017

Alvarinho winery

Supply of storage equipment for the Alvarinho area with total capacity of 320 000 l.

January 2017

Évora winery

Formalisation of a contract for the production of equipment for a new winery with capacity of 300 000 l in the Évora area.

October 2016

Arraiolos winery

Completion of another project to expand a winery with the installation of a further 400 000 l of storage in Arraiolos.

August 2016

Leading SME 2016

Equiproin was again distinguished, for the eighth year running, as the leading SME.

July 2016

Tanks for the paper industry

In our ongoing quest to find projects in new business markets, we sealed an order for 2 tanks with the capacity of 350 m3 for the paper industry.

June 2016

Beer fermenters

After several months of study and design, we signed our first contract for a complete craft beer manufacturing unit comprising a brew house with 20 hl and fermentation with 30 hl;

Craft beer factory

Design and manufacture of 3 fermenters for craft beer production with capacity of 1870 l set up in Lisbon.

February 2016

French market – Bordeaux

Continuing our quest for new markets with a view to globalisation, we signed a contract for the manufacture of 10 tanks, capacity of 28 800 l in the French market for the Bordeaux area.

January 2016

Sparkling wine tank

Design and manufacture of pressure tank with capacity of 5 000 l for sparkling wine production using the Charmat method.

October 2015

Strengthening of capacity of olive oil mill in the Alentejo

Almost at the end of the excellent harvest campaign, we are already getting ready for the olive oil harvest and we have won a new contract to strengthen storage capacity by 1 330 000 l at a mill we installed in 2007 in the Alentejo.

August 2015

Winery in the Azores

Continuing Equiproin’s expansion into new markets, we signed a contract for the construction of the first stage of a winery in the Azores.

July 2015

New winery in Torres Vedras

Design and construction of a new winery in Torres Vedras.

June 2015

Leading SME 2015

Equiproin was once again distinguished, for the seventh year running, as the leading SME.

Commitment to the Alentejo

We strengthened our position in the Alentejo market with the signing of five new contracts for the construction of new stages at already existing wineries.

April 2015

Winery in Mangualde

Our commitment to growth was once again recognised by the signing of a further contract for the design and construction of a winery from scratch in Mangualde.

January 2015

Growth in 2014

In 2014 Equiproin experienced growth of over 30% which allowed us to attain turnover in excess of one million six hundred thousand Euros.

December 2014

New pavilion

We concluded building work on the new premises which we will be able to start using from early 2015.

We now have a new pavilion with clearance of 12 metres which enables us to boost our production capacity.

October 2014

Two new wineries in Freixo and Sabrosa

With a view to boosting the growth of Equiproin, we recently signed a further two new contracts for the construction and assembly of two wineries: one in Freixo de Espada à Cinta and the other in Sabrosa, with a joint capacity of 1.1 million litres.