Stainless steel isothermal vats

Accompanying the evolution as regards the manufacture of stainless steel equipment, we also develop technology for the manufacture of isothermal vats, ideal for the storage of wines, milk or other products for which it is crucial to maintain the temperature for several days without altering the parameters of the stored product.

A temperature control system may also prove necessary, in which case cooling / heating jackets are deployed as well as a lateral or vertical stirrer for product homogenisation.

The equipment in our catalogue is endowed with the following characteristics:

  • Polyurethane or rock wool insulation in line with the temperature of the product;
  • Water circulation jackets (cooling/heating);
  • Lateral or vertical stirrer for homogenisation of product temperature;
  • Lined in stainless steel or corrugated aluminium;
  • Buffer tanks divided for cold / hot water for feeding the temperature control circuits;
  • Capacities, dimensions and accessories in accordance with the needs of the customer.

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