White wine stainless steel fermentation vats

As white wines are a product undergoing major development and subject to ever more demanding production rules, and as we wish to be an innovative partner that can meet these requirements, we have developed a series of high-quality items of equipment.

White wine fermentation vats can also be divided, thereby allowing the best use to be made of the space available.

Fermentation vats for white wine are fitted with the accessories required for the good fermentation of wines, in particular the cooling / heating jacket.

The main models you can find in our catalogue are:

  • Normal stainless steel fermentation vats;
  • Divided stainless steel fermentation vats;
  • Stainless steel vats for skin maceration;
  • Water circulation jackets (cooling/heating);
  • Capacities, dimensions and accessories in accordance with the needs of the customer.

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