Stainless steel wine presses

Developed from the traditional wine presses made of granite, over time they have evolved quite markedly into the completely automated stainless steel equipment which is used today.

As we wish to be trailblazers in this evolution and work alongside the oenologists to satisfy the ever more demanding requirements to produce high-quality wines, we have developed a wide range of wine presses prepared for automatic treading systems and with cooling / heating jackets.

The main models you can find in our catalogue are:

  • Rectangular stainless steel wine presses;
  • Circular stainless steel wine presses;
  • Divided stainless steel wine presses;
  • Stainless steel wine presses with re-assembly;
  • Stainless steel wine presses with automatic treading;
  • Stainless steel wine presses with temperature control (cooling / heating);
  • Simple stainless steel wine presses;
  • Capacities, dimensions and accessories in accordance with the needs of the customer.

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