Craft beer-brewing

In recent years there has been an increased interest in craft beer production in Portugal and throughout Europe, as it has a very high potential when associated with catering and entertainment establishments.

To meet customers’ needs, we have invested in the development of customised solutions with technology and high-quality finishes.

The equipment we make is designed and insulated when necessary to minimise energy consumption, with our prime concern being to respect the environment.

Fermenters also constitute equipment which works under internal pressure and they are thus made in line with all the requirements of the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), applying CE marking.

In this field we boast the capacity to design, manufacture and assemble complete craft beer factories anywhere in Portugal and Europe, deploying all kinds of equipment, in particular:

  • Mashing tanks;
  • Filtration tanks;
  • Boiling tanks;
  • Fermentation tanks;
  • Hot water tank;
  • Cold water tank;
  • Steam line including boiler;
  • Cooling system including chiller;
  • Pipes;
  • Automation / programming.

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