CIP system

There are various processes in the wine-making and food industry which require an automatic cleaning and disinfection system. We design and manufacture this type of equipment in line with the needs of the customer, integrated within the installation or mobile so it can be deployed at various equipment units. The tanks are supplied with a [...]

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Heating units

All distillation processes require a heating unit to raise the must to the alcohol evaporation temperature, around 80 ºC. This heating function is ensured by our heating units where the thermal oil is initially heated by a set of electrical resistances, afterwards transferring the heat to the must via a coil. These units are supplied [...]

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Industrial solutions

We make stainless steel equipment for other activity sectors such as: Food; Environment; Beverages; Paper; Automation; Chemical. This type of equipment is manufactured in a customised manner, based on the customer’s drawings or with a design we have carried out. As regards equipment endowed with high capacity, we can construct or carry out final assembly [...]

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Stainless steel tanks for olive oil

Stainless steels are the material par excellence which is most suited to the construction of the equipment required for olive oil production. We make all kinds of stainless steel tanks and accessories, deployed in olive oil mills, highlighting: Stainless steel tanks; Stainless steel hoppers; Stainless steel pipes; Stainless steel pumping systems; Stainless steel transport [...]

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Olive oil mills

Similarly to the wine-making sector, in olive oil production stainless steel is, thanks to its characteristics, a material which is more suited to the construction of the equipment used in its handling to ensure compliance with food safety standards. As a specialist in the production of stainless steel equipment, Equiproin has produced several types of [...]

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Pressure Equipment

Pressure equipment has various uses in diverse fields of activity, from the chemical industry to the pharmaceutical industry. The fermentation of sparkling wines or beer can be carried out at a pressure which varies between 3 and 6 bars in stainless steel fermentation tanks. We are experienced in the manufacture of fermenters for beer and [...]

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Craft beer-brewing

In recent years there has been an increased interest in craft beer production in Portugal and throughout Europe, as it has a very high potential when associated with catering and entertainment establishments. To meet customers’ needs, we have invested in the development of customised solutions with technology and high-quality finishes. The equipment we make is [...]

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Stainless steel wine presses

Developed from the traditional wine presses made of granite, over time they have evolved quite markedly into the completely automated stainless steel equipment which is used today. As we wish to be trailblazers in this evolution and work alongside the oenologists to satisfy the ever more demanding requirements to produce high-quality wines, we have developed [...]

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Cylindrical-conical vats

Cylindrical-conical vats are red wine fermentation vats whose conical format facilitates plunger submersion, boosting the efficiency of the process. To facilitate the fermentation process, they may, at the request of the customer, be endowed with a re-assembly system, cooling / heating jacket or plunger. The products in our catalogue are endowed with the following characteristics: [...]

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Always full stainless steel vats

As we are concerned about creating solutions which meet the customer’s needs, and as we are aware of the technical difficulties involved in the storage of small quantities of wine exposed to the atmosphere, bringing about their deterioration, we have included always full vats in our manufacturing range. This equipment is also fitted with [...]

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