Stainless steel isothermal vats

Accompanying the evolution as regards the manufacture of stainless steel equipment, we also develop technology for the manufacture of isothermal vats, ideal for the storage of wines, milk or other products for which it is crucial to maintain the temperature for several days without altering the parameters of the stored product. A temperature control [...]

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Stainless steel fermentation vats for red wines

Accompanying the evolution of boiler making, with a view to producing stainless steel equipment to meet the growing demands of the market and the wine-making sector in particular, we make fermentation vats for red wine so as to facilitate the fermentation process through the incorporation of a re-assembly system, cooling or heating jacket, plunger [...]

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White wine stainless steel fermentation vats

As white wines are a product undergoing major development and subject to ever more demanding production rules, and as we wish to be an innovative partner that can meet these requirements, we have developed a series of high-quality items of equipment. White wine fermentation vats can also be divided, thereby allowing the best use [...]

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Stainless steel wine vats

Being aware of the importance of the storage sector in the wine-making, dairy products, water, beer and soft drink industries and in so many other areas, and knowing the demands in place regarding the hygiene of foodstuffs (HACCP) which recommend the use of stainless steel, we are able to design, build and assemble any [...]

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This was the sector in which Equiproin started its activity and in which the portfolio is richer and more diversified, and to date it has set up various complete wineries during the course of more than 20 years of work. In our complete winery projects we start off by defining, alongside the customer, the [...]